About the Owner

Hello, my name is Mike Urban and I would like to welcome you to my website specializing in Vintage Car Radio Repair!
My fascination with electronics started in the 70’s when I obtained my Electronic Engineering degree from Penn State University and my FCC radio license. I’ve always had a particular interest in radio which provided me with hours of entertainment listening to local sports broadcasts -- this was before cable TV -- as well as, tuning to programs coming via shortwave signal from all over the world! Upon purchasing my first vacuum tube radio at a garage sale, an international Grundig 3095, housed in a beautiful blond wood cabinet, I discovered the superior quality of tube sound amplification. The radio sounded so real that voices were almost with you in the room and the music had a warm, rich, full-bodied tone.
After graduating from college, I embarked on a 20-year corporate career developing computer and audio/video products for General Electric, Olivetti, Apple Computer, Quantel, and Barco. Currently, I've settled in Windsor, Connecticut (conveniently located along I-91 & I-84 outside of Hartford), with my wife Suzanne Ebeling-Urban, an artist and writer and owner of Smirking Goddess™ Studio (www.smirkinggoddess.com). I've decided the time was right to do something that I truly enjoy, combining my enjoyment for music and sharing my appreciation of vintage audio with others. Thus, www.urban-antiqueradio.com was born (1999). I can thank Suzanne for discovering my real talent!
Today, my passion is vintage audio repair & restoration and offering to you, the "warm" tube sound that I discovered long ago. In addition, many of these radios are truly "works of art". So, I’ve dedicated my time to obtaining and bringing back to life, these beautiful radio products that made modern communications possible.
Furthermore, I have expanded beyond sales as you will find here: audio repair business. My goal is to provide you, our valued customer, with the best quality workmanship and Customer Service, from anywhere, anytime, via the Internet. So, stay tuned, put me in your Favorite Places or Bookmark List and check back often!
Thank You for thinking of UrbanRadio & Vintage Hi-Fi!
Mike Urban