"Honest, knowledgeable, intelligent. Highly recommended+++" 
Harold, Montreal

• "Mike got the zenith flip top. its beautiful, better than advertised"

Bruce, MD

• "I received the radio, love it, thanks for the great job in packaging."

 Eric CA

• Hi Mike,
I'm just back from my Mom's house where I hooked the amp back up.

WOW!!!! It sounds FANTASTIC and I will be so happy when the whole system gets brought to my house for it's "next leg" of giving enjoyment.

Thanks again for such a fast and excellent repair.

Best regards,


• Hey there, Mike.

Just wanted to give a quick update on the 800C. Sounds AMAZING now. Perhaps the RCA's have opened up more, or perhaps a combination of everything you did, but this thing sounds incredible. And it seems to be experiencing a burn-in of sorts because I've definitely noticed a gradual improvement over the last month. The W90/800C combo sounds better now than anything I've ever heard.

Anyway... Can't thank you enough for the excellent work. It settled in nicely, and LOOKS better too (I love how the faceplate looks now). I found a better spot for it on top of a little half-decker end-table that's the same width and matches it well (The back part of it is double-decker, but the front has just the single-level tabletop below... I have the Fisher in back, on top of the doubledecker section, and my Dual 1019 turntable sits in front of it, on the tabletop surface below. Looks great. Anywho, just wanted to say thanks again, Mike. I'm loving it.
- Derek

• Hi Mike,

Thanks for the excellent work on my Fisher X-202-B amplifier! It was delivered to us yesterday.

Per your suggestion, I immediately unpacked it (great packing job, BTW), checked for shipping damage; found none, and then connected my Fisher XP-12 speakers and Fisher MT-730 turntable to it.

The first LP I played was a "march song" album, recorded long ago by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. I specifically picked it out for my four-year-old grandson, who immediately started marching to the music around the coffee table, and then proclaimed, "I love these songs, Papa! Let's invite my cousins to come over and hear them too!" His cousins are roughly his age and live just a few blocks away.

While this all-Fisher component combo is nothing out of the ordinary from an audiophile perspective, to a four-year-old, hearing those marches for the first time, it was a very exciting and memorable experience! Thought you might enjoy hearing that little story.

Well, thanks again from a very satisfied customer. My own "burn-in tests" are proving your vintage audio gear restoration skills are top-notch! My wife has also commented very favorably about the quality of sound we're now hearing. She's a pianist and appreciates the high quality sounds we're getting from this amplifier.

• Hi Mike,

Radio arrived today. Playing great!



• Dear Mike,

Thank you for the repair of our #1 Advent 300, it is fine now.

The #2 Advent 300 seems fine at the moment, I'm not sure why it sounded quiet on one channel but now it's alright.

Either way, we're pleased with the repair of #1 and the quick and friendly service!

As an engineer and licensed mechanic, I truly appreciate the finer things in electronics repair, although I know little to nothing about it, beyond exploding pencils in the lab .. I guess I should have paid more attention.

Feel free to use us a reference, I'm sure that we'll use your service again.


Quentin & Cindy

• Hi Mike,

I put the Zenith back together and it is working great!! The reverb is so cool! Thank so much for another great fix! Hope you have a good day and hug that dog for me! Talk to you soon.


• Sounds fantastic... Some people/hi-fi critics occasionally harp on the Fisher phono sections, but they're a beautiful match for a Dual idler like my 1019. I play a lot of '60's vinyl (Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Zeppelin, John Mayall, Ten Years After) and the 800C/Dual 1019/Pickering V15/Wharfedale W90's combo really locks that stuff down. 

I ran it through the W90's for a while, and now I'm plugged into the headphone-out. I'm running a pair of Grado RSII's at the moment. A tad light in the bass, but I run them with some bass-lift from the Fisher, which has that great EQ, and then they sound just right. I also use the SR-style earpads (lnstead of the stock RS-style pads), which give them a fatter upper-bass. It's all about properly-serving the kinds of music I like most (like James Brown, Isaac Hays, Al Green, Sly & The Family Stone, etc., which needs that fat, lively, musical sound, thus the need for the Westinghouses and RCA's. That's one of the things I love about tube gear. You can tweak it six ways from Sundaywithout losing that signature sound.

Anyway, thanks again for everything. Major upgrade to my system. - Derek

• Mike-

Attached are pictures of the 1929 RCA Victor radio that you & my cousin William raised from the dead. Looks & plays great!

Thank you very much!

• Mike: 

It arrived safe and sound... glorious sound! Thanks for bringing it back to life!


• Thank you for your quick turnaround! I will be sure to recommend you to others!

• Radio works great!!! Thank You.

• Hey Mike, I played the fisher last night and sounds excellent. I'm glad u enjoyed the shrimp. Take care.

• Thank you so much doing this for me, Mike, and telling me about my radio.  I will surely use you and Bob again.


• Hi Mike,
I just wanted to give you and your service guy some feedback. Both the Collins and the Drake radios are working flawlessly. I really appreciate the care and attention given to both transceivers and power supplies. They are both working now as good as new so much appreciated. When I need servicing in the future I will always bring the radios to Urban and will recommend you guys as well.

Regards, Gil

• Mike...Thanks so much for sending me the pdf on my new receiver. I have cleaned it up and am using the headphone jack for the time being.  The sound is fantastic! I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.
                                                                                                                   Best regards,
                                                                                                                         Paul E.

• Mike!!

I received the radio this week...all arrived great and it sounds wonderful!!!

Thanks again for looking after it for me...my father-in-law will be thrilled to have it working again!!


• Mike,

Finally got that Pioneer receiver hooked up.  It sounds great, even better than I remembered from years ago.  Everything is nice and smooth and there's no hint of buzzing/humming anywhere.  I almost forgot how much of a beast this thing is.  The amount of power the amp pumps out is frightening.  All and all, I'm glad you fixed it.

Thanks for the good work.


• Mike - installed the radio (1971 Chevelle AM / FM) and it sounds great! Attached a short video for you.
Thanks again.

• Hi Mike,
Just wanted to say, you did a great job on the radio, and I don't remember it working so well.

You only saw the chassis, so here's a pic of the whole deal.

Thanks again,

• Hello Mike,

Just a quick note to tell you that the Fisher 800 is working and sounding great. It took a little getting used to the tube sound given the fact that solid state has been the listening source for all my life. Really sounds great with jazz or classical......almost a 3 dimensional effect. 
I will be getting the Scott 222c and it's tuner friend evaluated next, not sure when.....I'll be in touch.


• Hi Mike, 
hope you are doing well. You repaired an old car radio for me a few years ago and I was very happy with the work you performed. The radio was out of my 1949 Hudson. I am now buying a 1957 Oldsmobile Station Wagon that needs to have its Wonder Bar radio repaired and I wanted to see if you would be willing to take on that job. Just drop me a line please.



• Hi Mike,
It was great seeing you again today.
I really love the radio.
Thanks again,


• Hi Mike,
 Just to let you know that the radio works just great !

• Hi Mike,

I got the radio you repaired a few months ago installed in my Cosworth Vega.  It works great.

• Mike,
Back at home. Radio is playing nicely. Sounds great. Thanks!


• Mike:  received my radio this morning,  WORKS GREAT!!!
I know this job was a pain in the rear for you, but I sincerely appreciate the professional manner in which you handled this.
If you ever need a happy customer reference for a future job, please feel free to use my name

Thank you so much for a great job.


• Hey Mike,

Thanks for getting back to me about the hum issue i was having, all the info you guys can give me is a big help and i appreciate it very much.
Anyway,  Once again, You guys did a great job and i apologize for the bother.  I will get the next group of preamps packaged and ready for shipping, and then let you know when i ship them out.

Regards!, Todd

• Hi Mike-
the Scott 299B sounds wonderful.Amazing detail and such a delicate sound.It sounds so much nicer than the McIntosh 6100 I have been using for 78s and flea market lp finds.Thanks again and hope to to business with you in the future

• Hi Mike.  
The radio works so much better.  I purchased a decent turntable this afternoon and hooked it all up.  No preamp needed.  It sounds amazing in stereo!  

Thanks for everything.


• Hi Mike,
Just FYI... I gave a listen to the Fisher for a couple of listening sessions and it is as good as ever! Thank you very much for the great work you did.
Best regards,

• Hi Mike,
finally got some free time to hook this receiver up this afternoon and guess what.   Everything seems to work just fine!    I hooked everything up...plugged it and held my breath after the dial glass thing. Lights all came on and tuned in a FM station, sounds great.  Whew! 

• Hi Mike,
just wanted to drop you a line,and thank you for correcting and tuning up my VM 722 and 168 tape recorder pair...they sound great,I am very pleased with the results...thank you again...

• Hi Mike,

The units arrived today as promised.  You do a heck of a job wrapping!!  I installed a Godar antenna (per your recommendation – thanks !!) last weekend on my roof.  The units sound astonishing.  I purchased the units to pull in the college stations in the Lehigh Valley.  Before the units were shipped to you I was getting 3 – 4 bars on the strength meter on the Lehigh University station,  I am now pulling 7 – 8 with the Godar fully extended.  I plan to tune the antenna height this weekend. Their literature claims a significant improvement in the 88 – 90 hz range by tuning the antenna down 4 to 6 inches.  Thanks much for your quick service and excellent attention to detail.

Best regards,

Mike A., PA


I received my Mike Urban-restored 1967 Fisher 400 a couple of days ago and wanted to post my impressions. The amp I had been using previously is a 1962 Voice of Music model 1448 integrated amp (6AQ5, 20wpc) that had been recapped and had the Tone-O-Matic circuit removed. Speakers are a pair of Rega R1 mini-monitors with an RBH 200wpc subwoofer. I took a quick look in the back of the 400 and saw a bunch of Fisher-labeled tubes (good!).

What I am hearing from the 400 perfectly matches the comments by Steve and others in this thread; especially the lush midrange warmth that colors everything with numerous layers of pleasantness. Not necessarily accurate, but it sure makes everything sound musical, and does a nice job of taking the edge off of harsh-sounding CDs. 

The imaging from the 400 is nothing short of astounding. I am hearing vivid side-to-side and front-to-back extension, and everything in between as well. Instruments and voices literally hang suspended in the air... "resurrecting the dead" indeed! 

In 'honor' of Steve's initial post in this thread, the first thing I played through the 400 was my c.1990 Polygram CD of "Bee Gees 1st," and immediately heard what he was talking about. The Brothers Gibb were indeed standing before me in all their youthful lysergic glory, and I was stunned by how far back the reverb trails extended... I think they went through the wall to the back yard! 

The phono stage in the 400 is very good, with more of the same tube-y lushness, although it sounds a bit softer than I like, both in volume and in character. Now that I am becoming well acquainted with the overall sound of the 400, I plan to swap in a more modern SS phono preamp and see if I like that better. I can see the 400's phono stage being a good option for playing vintage records, particularly ones in lesser condition where a bit of 'softness' would be beneficial.

Mike Urban's restoration was top notch as far as I can tell. The amp is free from any audible gremlins (very quiet operation) and the tuner is surprisingly powerful. Even inside my basement, using some speaker wire as an antenna, I can pick up a number of FM stations clearly. Late last night I was enjoying some Bach string quartets on the local classical station, WCRB, and it sure sounded swell on the 400. 

I am delighted by my new Fisher!

• Hi Mike

The Fisher sounds AMAZING!!! Soundstage,pace, decay I would have to pull out my Moscode to get better sound. Great ,great job,the tuner pulls in a lot of stations and sounds wonderful.

Best Regards,

• Mike,

I am still amazed and astounded and it has been several weeks since I received my restored Fisher 500-C from you. The realism and clarity of sound is outstanding. I just would like to let you know how appreciative I am of the quality of your service. Your professionalism made my first experience with your company a very positive one. I would highly recommend your talent and expertise to anyone would needs top notch vintage tube equipment service and restoration.  

Thank you,

• eBay:

"Honest, knowledgeable, intelligent. Highly recommended+++"  Harold, Montreal

"Item arrived quickly and as described.  Well-packed, too.  Excellent seller."  Dan, PA

"Great radio, carefully shipped, exactly as advertised, good people to deal with."  
Gene, VA

"The 1946 Truetone wood radio arrived today!  It's BEAUTIFUL! It's just like the one my
granddad had.  Thanks so much!!" 
Mark, CA

"I received the Philco Jr this afternoon and man this sure is a nice radio!" 
Robert, CA

"Item as described. Great packing. Honest seller. Highly recommended."  
Tomoya, UT

"Wonderful beyond all words to describe!!  Excellence doesn't even come close A+++"  
Mark, OH

"Excellent packaging, item exactly as described. Highly recommended."  
Dennis, MA

"Mike got the zenith flip top. its beautiful, better than advertised"  
Bruce, MD

"Item just as described, shipped on time and packaged with care. Great seller!"  
Gregory, CA

"Exceptional communication...superfast delivery...highly recommend!"  
Jeff, MD

"Excellent Seller. Item even better than advertised, ships/packs well. A++++++++"  
Gary FL

"I received the radio, love it, thanks for the great job in packaging."  
Eric CA

"Item just as described, quickly shipped and well packaged.  Loved doing biz!"  
David, TX

"Great email, packing, and transaction.  Highly recommend!! A+++"  
Ray, GA

"Great pool table radio.  Fast and smooth transaction, too.  Thanks."  
Ron, CO

"Terrific to deal with, fast, honest, a real CLASS ACT" 
 Scott, AL

product better than described, awesome packing job 
Ed, WA

great international transaction - prompt & sucure shipping - many thanks

Delivered in great condition. Ebay description was 100% accurate. Thanks!

Excellent service. Radio was exactly as described, and very well packed. A+++

Thanks so much Mike,

We opened a bottle of red wine after the baseball game and cuddled listening to Sinatra on the radio!
Lynda, PA